CurliMin Collection, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in cream (2662605291620)CurliMin Defining Conditioner (2662605291620)
VoluMin Magnifying Shampoo (2662605357156)VoluMin Magnifying Shampoo (2662605357156)
Age Renewal Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask (2662605750372)Age Renewal Eye Mask 6 pack (2662605750372)
SensiMin Balancing Shampoo (2662605946980)SensiMin Balancing Shampoo (2662605946980)
ScandiMin The Blonde Conditioner (2662605979748)ScandiMin The Blonde Conditioner (2662605979748)
ChroMin ColorPro Shampoo (2662606078052)ChroMin ColorPro Shampoo
UltraMin Smoothing Conditioner (2662606143588)UltraMin Smoothing Conditioner
KeraMin Strengthening Shampoo (2662606176356)KeraMin Strengthening Shampoo
Dry Texturizing Shampoo (2662606274660)Dry Texturizing Shampoo
ScandiMin The Blonde Shampoo (2662606569572)ScandiMin The Blonde Shampoo (2662606569572)
ChroMin ColorPro Conditioner (2662606635108)ChroMin ColorPro Conditioner
UltraMin Smoothing Shampoo (2662606766180)UltraMin Smoothing Shampoo (2662606766180)
CurliMin Defining Leave-In Cream (2662606897252)CurliMin Defining Leave-In Cream
Peeling Pen - 10-pack (2662606962788)Peeling Pen - 10-pack (2662606962788)
Matte Clay (2662607093860)Matte Clay (2662607093860)

Matte Clay

259 kr
Pure Treatment Oil Box (2662607224932)Pure Treatment Oil (2662607224932)

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