UltraMin Smoothing Shampoo (2662606766180)UltraMin Smoothing Shampoo (2662606766180)
UltraMin Smoothing Conditioner (2662606143588)UltraMin Smoothing Conditioner
UltraMin Smoothing Leave-In Treatment Spray (2662609354852)UltraMin Smoothing Leave-In Treatment Spray (2662609354852)
UltraMin Reisesett (3548745039972)UltraMin travel kit (3548745039972)
Pure Treatment Oil Box (2662607224932)Pure Treatment Oil (2662607224932)
Pure Treatment Oil 30ml (4866400026724)Pure Treatment Oil 30ml (4866400026724)
Dry Texturizing Shampoo (2662606274660)Dry Texturizing Shampoo
Texturizing Volume Mousse 300 ml (4807015071844)Texturizing Volume Mousse 300 ml (4807015071844)
Extra Strong Hairspray 300 ml (4788881195108)
Matte Clay (2662607093860)Matte Clay (2662607093860)

Matte Clay

259 kr

Power Paste

259 kr
Style Paste (2662608240740)Style Paste (2662608240740)

Style Paste

259 kr
Flexi Pomade (3670771466340)Flexi Pomade (3670771466340)

Flexi Pomade

259 kr
UltraMin Smoothing Hair MaskUltraMin Smoothing Hair Mask
ScandiMin The Blonde Hair MaskScandiMin The Blonde Hair Mask

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